Mold Removal

Taylor Steamer Mold Removal


Mold is everywhere.  It is the earth’s natural mechanism to cause decomposition of organic material, recycling nutrients throughout ecosystems. This means that active mold growth can decompose the structural integrity of your home.  Mold becomes a problem and requires professional mold removal services. When the mold levels inside our living environment become elevated due to humidity, stagnant air movement, and a viable food source, such as in a poorly ventilated attic, a damp basement, or a crawl space with an improper moisture vapor barrier or no vapor barrier at all.

Mold is a health irritant that can cause headaches; breathing difficulties; cough or cold symptoms; burning or irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, or lungs; asthma attacks; skin irritation; allergic reactions; and infections in immune-compromised individuals.  If you suspect a mold issue in your home, call a professional.  High levels of mold in your home can be dangerous.  Mold can be disturbed easily and can sporulate (produce more spores) to contaminate your home.  You won’t see this happening, but, if the environment becomes ideal, the spores will grow.

Steps to Mold Removal

  1. Assess the areas believed to be affected and adjoining areas. This may include visual assessment, surface sampling, and an air sample.
  2. Determine the protocol for the work to be completed.
  3. Make sure the source of moisture intrusion has been corrected.
  4. Follow the protocol laid out to complete the job. This will include proper personal protective equipment for technicians (Tyvec suits, gloves, full face respirators), job site containment, content removal, and cleaning, removing materials deemed to be removed, and cleaning, treating and sealing of affected surfaces.
  5. Final testing will include surface sampling and air sample testing to make sure the affected areas have been returned to levels below the outside levels.  If any of the types of molds that were found to be elevated at the start of the job are still elevated above outside levels, more work will be necessary to complete the job.

In the event of a crawl space affected by mold, Taylor Steamer will remove the mold, treat and seal the area, and install a proper moisture barrier to correct the moisture issue.  A properly installed moisture barrier with proper insulation will equalize the humidity of the crawl space with the humidity of the living area and may save in heating and cooling cost by up to 40%, depending on how the crawl space was previously sealed and insulated.